Hope Center for Children partners with the Patron Society and the Executive Guild to help raise awareness in the community about our mission and services, support us through volunteerism and giving, and raise money to strengthen our services.

As part of the statewide appropriate response in child welfare, Hope Center for Children partners with South Carolina Safe Alternatives for Families and Youth (SC SAFY) to provide these services for all families in Spartanburg and Cherokee Counties.

Hope Center for Children is a certified sponsor site through the Teaching-Family Association. The evidence-based Teaching-Family Model is used in 4 out of 5 of our programs for children and families.

Our Family Strengthening Program utilizes the evidence-based Triple P - Positive Parenting Program in their work with families in our community in addition to the Teaching-Family Model.

Other Partners:
United Way of the Piedmont

South Carolina Children's Trust

Mary Black Foundation

J M Smith Foundation



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