Family Success Stories

The stories below are real stories. Names and other identifying information have been changed for privacy protection. We are proud of their great success despite difficult circumstances.


LIKES: Gardening, reading historical nonfiction, writing in her journal

WHAT WAS OVERCOME: Folks’ initial impression of Candace is most likely that she is a bit “rough around the edges.” Candace tells you what she thinks and really appreciates honest conversation. Anyone who enters Candace’s home also notices very quickly that she does a lot with what she has; from the well-kept yard showcasing her gardening, to her very tidy home, the environment reflects her pride and hard work. It is also apparent that although her family may frustrate her at times, she loves her husband and her children. She has raised two children who have fared very well. She has provided a home that is much better than the one she had growing up, which was characterized by extreme abuse and neglect and ongoing violence. She has one teen still at home who struggles with a mental health disorder.

HOPES FOR THE FUTURE: Candace and her husband have worked very hard to increase their awareness of their parenting skills as well as their child’s disorder. As their awareness increased, they became more open to trying some of their Family Specialist’s suggestions. They began to see their child progressing, and they are now making some noticeable changes in the way they parent. It is phenomenal to watch these parents taking steps to provide better care for their child. Now, their child, too, may have the skills needed to provide a better life for the next generation and continue to break the cycle of abuse!


LIKES: walking, playing on the computer, and loves pets (cats and dogs)

WHAT WAS OVERCOME: Jill, with the help of her mother and our services, has learned about several of her disabilities and has overcome numerous hurdles in order to interact socially with peers and others. At a young age, Jill suffered various abuses which compounded her other disabilities. For six years, Jill lived institutionalized and separated from her family. Prior to our services she had never maintained in a regular school setting for a full year. With the help of the Strengthening Families program she has now completed one full year in a regular school setting for the first time!

HOPES FOR THE FUTURE: Jill is able to engage now successfully in numerous normal social activities. She is very proud of her success and her mother is very supportive. Jill is truly enjoying being home with family. Her family members have learned better ways to approach or interact with Jill given her disabilities. They are happy with the realization that they can all be together and make it without separation! 


LIKES: Brandon loves to play outside skateboarding; he also likes the gamecocks and video games.

WHAT WAS OVERCOME: Brandon suffered abuse and neglect while living at home with his parents; his grandmother stepped in to care for him a few years ago.

HOPES FOR THE FUTURE: Brandon’s grandmother felt discouraged when she had little resources to buy presents for Brandon for Christmas. She was so excited when a Girls’ Home donor sponsored him! He was able to have the best Christmas ever! He received a Gamecocks hoodie, two video games and two very generous gift certificates. This reminded him and his grandmother that there are people living in their community that care about them both and their futures!

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