Children served through our prevention programs made up 91% of the total children served!


Prevention Program Outcomes:

Empowering Families Program

  • 2,163 children served
  • 1,015 families served
  • 100% of families who completed services showed a reduction in risk factors that can lead to child maltreatment
  • 94% of families who achieved their program goals at case closure had no new cases of abuse or neglect

Family Strengthening Program

  • 176 children served
  • 115 families served
  • 100% of families served had no new cases of abuse or neglect a year after closure
  • 100% of parents served showed improvement in attachment and bonding to their child
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Intervention (Residential) Program Outcomes:

Faucette House (Emergency Shelter)

  • 179 children/youth served
  • 100% were safe while in care
  • 100% attended school regularly
  • 87% had regular visitation with appropriate family

Anchor House (Girls' Home)

  • 29 girls served, aged 11-19
  • 100% attended school regularly
  • 100% showed academic improvement while in care
  • 100% of seniors graduated and were accepted into college

Transitional Living Program

  • 17 youth served
  • 100% felt safe while in care
  • 100% were in school or working one year after discharge
  • 95% improved in life skills

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